New Phone Case Designs for the Horse Lover

Horse Farriers from all over can now find the perfect phone case

We love supporting a good cause. We feature phone cases of all different genres and design types. These cases are inspired by cowboys, ranchers, horse shoers, anyone who owns or loves horses. Some of these designs were shown to us by the National Horse Farriers. These guys know their horses. They work with most of the horse farriers from around the country. They are also working with non-profits and other groups that protect and honor the rich heritage of the horse owning community. Take a look at the designs below and let us know which horse pictures are the best ones.

horse farrier phone case

horse phone case

horse shoeing iphone case

New Phone Cases For Horse Lovers Out There

Portable Laser Printer for Phones

Have you ever wanted to get a portable laser printer for your iphone or samsung phone?

The Best Portable Laser Printer for Phones

Gorilla Glass . net offers tips and tricks for all things related to phones. Whether you need iphone cases, tempered glass screen protectors, phone accessories or computer gear we have you covered. Along with the above laser printer you might be interested in some of these products as well.


The 4 most durable Gorilla Glass smartphone cases

Why are Gorilla Glass Protected phone cases the best?

Looking for a great smartphone case that will survive even the toughest jobs? Check out these four most durable and trustworthy smartphone cases. The first up will be a gorilla glass phone case.

1. Ballistic Hard Core Tactical


Known as the case that has basically survived anything that may go wrong, the Ballistic Hard Core Tactical has an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. Users all over the world have recorded their encounters with this case as it is certified to protect the case within as much as 12 feet. Others even go as far as throwing their phones from the 24th floor. This case offers an IP-54 protection that protects the normal water, dirt, dust and debris again.

2. Otterbox Defender Series


When it comes to durable smartphone case, the Otterbox Defender series is known for its quality in materials since 1998. While it isn’t exactly IP-certified, this case is known to handle anything from water damage to sudden drops. There’s also a one-year warranty to guarantee protection.

3. iThrough Waterproof Case beats Gorilla Glass


If you’re looking to use your phone underwater, the iThrough series of waterproof cases boasts a 4.5/5 star rating as it covers all types of cell phones. Users can take photos underwater without the risk of water damage. You can even use the touchscreen underwater.

The case comes with a neck strap for easy handling with a thin design. This case has even been trialed and tested through a laundry cycle – which it smoothly survived! The only downfall is that this instance isn’t anti-shock, and the side buttons are inaccessible when in use.

4. WEKSI ShockProof Case comepetes well with Gorilla Glass


The WEKSI shockproof case offers IP-68 protection against water, dust, dirt, shock, scratches and even grease. While it is highly promoted as a great underwear case, it works fantastic for durable protection on land. The case fits tightly as it maintains touchscreen usability to use underwater.

Are there any other durable smartphone cases that we forgot? Comment below and let us know what you recommend!

5 reasons why you should buy a Gorilla Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Why are Gorilla Glass Screen Protectors worth more than ten dollars?

Smartphones are expensive – so why would you want to spend a fortune on it and use cheap protection? Due to the advancements in screen protectors, glass and coatings will take more loads off the heavy fall while plastic protectors will offer little protection.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t buy a $10 screen protector.

Reason #1: High-Quality Screen Protectors Are Shatter-Resistant

Unlike cheap screen protectors, tempered glass screen protectors are proven to be effective against not only scratches but shattering in sudden drops. Most of the latest devices such as iPhone and other smartphone devices are equipped with Gorilla Glass to make it resistant to scratches and protect your device from the usual wear and tear.

Reason #2: High-Quality Gorilla Glass Tempered Screens Improve the Appearance

Low-quality screen protectors are often the flimsy plastic cover that tracks in dirt and annoying air bubbles. Using reflective screen protectors are a better choice for creating a mirror-like finish when not in use.

Reason #3: Gorilla Glass Screen Protectors Provide Glare Reduction

Quality screen protectors offer anti-glare screen protectors to reduce the LCD screen by using a matte coat to lessen the consistency of reflected images. This reduces eye strain that is caused by the glare from the mobile device. Glass Tips answered.

Reason #4: Tempered Glass Screen Protectors Prevents UV Damage

Unlike those cheap $10 screen protectors, quality protectors offer anti-reflective features to bend light and reduce reflection. This filters out all the glare and UVB rays that can affect the user’s eyes.

Reason #5: The Best Screen Protectors Are Antibacterial

Cheap screen protectors don’t usually offer screen protectors with an antibacterial coating. This is ideal for users as our mobile phones often carry almost 98% of bacteria we encounter every day.

Bottom line: You might as well use your smartphone with a “naked” screen rather than using a cheap screen protector. Every smartphone owner should consider a quality screen protector to protect the value of the phone. Invest in a quality screen protector that will last and even take the fall. As the saying goes “it’s always better to be safe than sorry.”


How to change the Gorilla Glass screen of your iPhone in 4 simple steps

How to change the Gorilla Glass and other Tempered Phone Protectors

Is your iPhone screen damaged due to abuse or a sudden accident? Getting it fixed can be very expensive especially if you don’t know where to go. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. If the phone is far too damaged and the screen can’t be repaired make sure you make a back up of all of your personal home videos and pictures. If you need help on transferring different forms of digital media you might check out this site that can help you with anything from 8mm Film to Video or phone videos to DVD for safekeeping.

Here’s how to change the screen of your iPhone in four simple steps.

Step 1: Get your Gorilla Glass Case or Screen Protector Ready

Along with your iPhone, prepare the necessary tools that you will need to change your screen.

You will need the following:

  • Large flat head screwdriver
  • Philips head size 00 screwdriver
  • Pliers/tweezers
  • Flashlight
  • Notebook
  • Pens
  • Soft surface

Trace the phone around a sheet of paper. This will keep your screws organized and on the right track. Be sure to perform this process in a dust-less area. Remember that all Apple products are made challenging to prevent people from achieving this change themselves.

Step 2: Prepare the Phone and Glass Screen Replacement

Before you get started, remove the sim card. All you need to do is grab a simple paper clip and push in on the slot hole. Remove the back panel by laying your phone with the back facing up. Unscrew the small screws using your large flat head screwdriver. Once the screws are removed, gently pry open the opposite side of the battery to keep the pieces organized.

Remove the protection Plate 1 & Plate 2. Remember to remove these parts from the connector carefully is under the shield. Proceed to remove the vibrating motor, connectors, and the microphone/speaker set.

Once these parts are removed, you will then carefully remove the motherboard. Do this by removing the screws, proceed with ultimate caution. Remove the adhesive glass panel by threading the ribbon cables through the frame before you remove the glass.

Step 3: Install New Screen

Once you’re ready to install the new screen, make sure the clear adhesives are removed. Simply guide the new ribbon cables through the hole to fit the metal box snuggly inside the closure.

Step 4: Put It All Back Together

Once the new screen is in place, place all the pieces back together in proper order. Make sure that everything works from the touchscreen, camera, speakers, and tunes.

Follow these four simple steps to help you chance the screen of your iPhone.